Things to do in Sabah: Turtle Islands National Park

Consisting of 3 islands; Selingaan, Bakkungan Kechil and Gulisaan, and located some 40km north of Sandakan in East Malaysia, Lies a popular sea turtle conservation managed by Sabah Parks.

I’ve yet to go there, instead, I was at another island located at east of Bintan, Indonesia.
Sea turtle eggs take approximately 2months before hatching, and there were only a handful of nests on that island at that time.

We were very lucky to be able to witness the hatching and release of baby sea turtles just 2 hours before our departure, watch my video, see how the 2 rangers help the baby sea turtles by digging out a path for them to crawl out.

Well, not all the time would you be able to experience such a thing, sometimes sea turtles might even turn away if it senses danger, and you might only witness limited hatchlings come out as predators eat away the rest.

Sometimes, not all the nests would make it, Seems like this was messed around by some predators.

I’ve did a bit of research and found out the island I talked about, has got sea turtles coming ashore to lay eggs every single night, and as much as 50sea turtles could appear during the peak seasons which is around october yearly.

It is amazing how these sea turtles can swim ashore to lay eggs every night on the 3 islands, it has baffled many for years, Good thing is, you can do a visit even during off-peak seasons and have a ….so-called “guaranteed” chance of witnessing a sea turtle laying her eggs, and you’ll get to have a chance in aiding the baby sea turtles get to the ocean.

But do note, respect nature, Sea turtles are very sensitive creatures, they have very good hearing and you should not make just about any noise while observing them.

(Photo illustration)
Sea Turtle Egg Farm

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