The way down Mt Kinabalu and what’s next?

My final pose at Laban Rata, victory!


I must say, going down, is actually harder than climbing up Mt Kinabalu, the logic is simple, you are using an entirely different muscle group to descend, a group of muscles you don’t usually use.

You don’t train stairs climbing by going down….right? You train your legs by going up!

Don’t be fooled by the camera angles, it’s actually very steep.

I was surprised when this couple(from Australia if I remembered it right), saw my updates on Amazing Borneo Tours’ facebook page and wanted to take a picture with me!


During the descend, my altitude sickness symptoms slowly went off, I didn’t really had breakfast as I lost my entire appetite somehow, even the sweetest soft drinks tasted more like water, the headache was worsening each passing hour, I was asked if I wanted to stay an additional night to recover before descending, I didn’t want to.

I chose to push through and head back down, step by step, with 2 walking sticks, the painkillers I took in the early morning didn’t help with my headache, however, I did notice that as I descended further, I felt a lot better, my breathings were getting slower and headache started to subside.

When I got to Layang Layang checkpoint, the headache was entirely gone! It was a great relieve, my appetite came back and I finally ate a chocolate bar. What I also heard from my mountain guide was that, this is the point whereby most people recover from “illnesses”,

Even though I took shorter time to complete the descend, started at approximately 10:45am, I still couldn’t finish it before the sun sets, but then, think about it, I am probably the rare few who gets to experience trekking down in almost-complete darkness, with only the help of the moon’s beam.




As it gets warmer, more humid, and I did have thoughts of climbing back up to the cool 3degrees celcius Laban Rata thousands of metres back up, but that’ll be just plain silly……

I do miss standing by the ledge of Laban Rata resthouse, and watching the sun set, wearing only shorts, slippers and a T-shirt.

I do miss gazing at the stars on the cloudless and clear nights, shooting stars are pretty common, just watch out for them, and a tip, try to book for climbs during full moons, so that you can see the trails illuminated by the lights reflection off the moon.


As I made my way down back to Kota Kinabalu before touring some other places and local food places, I had a chance to look back at Mount Kinabalu, I couldn’t believe that I had actually climbed it. Now I’m thinking to myself, “OH the irony, I climbed Mount Kinabalu but I still avoid pedestrian overhead bridges!”




Of course, Amazing Borneo Tours was very kind to bring me around in a bus….



There were many interesting foods around, be it popular economic food stalls

Rural restaurants, oh yes, this is the original stall that sells their famous noodles, looks simple, but very delicious and flavorful, also known as Tamparuli Noodles.

Food turns me on

And not to forget, roadsides, where you will find some of the weirdest, but good tasting food or desserts, in this case, a coconut juice mixed with pudding powder.

Carrying it excitedly into the bus, yes, at this point, my legs hurt a lot, it’s still recovering from my descend of Mount Kinabalu.

Never thought something this simple, could be so delicious, just coconut juice with pudding powder. Another recipe learned.

And, I think only in Malaysia, you can find fastfood restaurants such as KFC, to be opened by an actual minister.

Enlarged view


but nonetheless, there are other websites such as Wikitravel, Tripadvisor, which will give you a more comprehend reviews and ideas of where to go. Especially food for all the food lovers around the world!

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