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  • Mount Kinabalu Climb: I came, I saw, I CONQUERED!

    Let me talk a bit about myself first, I love food, I love slacking around, daydreaming and I love singing. I used to go out for weekly cycles around the east coast of Singapore, that was till my bike spoilt about a year and a half ago, since then, I’ve pretty much stopped exercising, I […]

  • Importance of having a trusted Guide

    When you venture out into the rainforests of Borneo, or even Mount Kinabalu, it is important that you be attentive to your surroundings, the rainforest is home to many species of parasites, bacteria, toxins and even venomous animals. One such toxin, is called Tetanospasmin , which causes spasms and lockjaw, it can take years before […]

  • How to really train yourself for Mount Kinabalu Climb

    I know I’ve blogged about “preparation for Mount Kinabalu Climb“,  but that was before my actual climb. To those who do regular hikes and trekkings, I’m sure you will know better than I do. I speak type with my experience, now to think of it, man, it really wasn’t easy. Imaging having to step on […]

  • Mount Kinabalu Night shots and summit photo

    You may have read about my experience in Mount Kinabalu Climb, here are some photos of what your naked eye could see at night, and how the summit looks like(my photograper, Evan, climbed to the summit). This was taken approximately 3am in the morning, near Laban Rata resthouse Yes, this is what you will get […]

  • Things to do in Sabah: Turtle Islands National Park

    Consisting of 3 islands; Selingaan, Bakkungan Kechil and Gulisaan, and located some 40km north of Sandakan in East Malaysia, Lies a popular sea turtle conservation managed by Sabah Parks. I’ve yet to go there, instead, I was at another island located at east of Bintan, Indonesia. Sea turtle eggs take approximately 2months before hatching, and […]

  • Things to do in Sabah

    I live in a very cramped country, Singapore, just look at all the buildings, I hardly get to see large eye-soothing greenery fields. And everywhere I go, the traffic’s always mostly packed. You know it’s time to travel for a little while if you’re starting to get stressed. My choice had always been Malaysia, easy […]

  • Getting to Kota Kinabalu

    Before you go, do learn that Sabah is located on the northern tip of East Malaysia, it is not connected by land with Singapore, The only way to get into Kota Kinabalu internationally, is of course by plane, but do take note that from february 2012 gradually, Malaysia Airlines will be suspending routes from Tokyo, […]

  • Preparation for Mount Kinabalu Climb

    I am fat, I am unfit, I do irregular exercises and am a keyboard warrior trolling the internets half my free time. I’ve did a “significant” climb out of the blues once back in Malaysia a few months ago when my friend brought me to the Batu Caves, located around the northern region of Kuala […]

  • The way down Mt Kinabalu and what’s next?

    My final pose at Laban Rata, victory! I must say, going down, is actually harder than climbing up Mt Kinabalu, the logic is simple, you are using an entirely different muscle group to descend, a group of muscles you don’t usually use. You don’t train stairs climbing by going down….right? You train your legs by […]

  • Altitude Sickness guide

      Altitude sickness is not known to only occur to certain groups of people, it can happen to anyone, fit or unfit, male or female, however, it is believed that fit people would of course, be able to acclimatize faster and have reduced risks of having altitude sickness. Acclimatization is highly recommended for all climbers, […]